IBT aims to make its economic model and research available to Benin and the whole of Africa for the benefit and service of an objective of social, economic and environmental development


“Let's act together for the development of our communities” is shared by all Company staff, executives, permanent execution agents or not.


IBT is guided by its values of honesty, a job well done and uncompromising integrity. It is proud to be recognized as an ethical and law-abiding Company. As a Company, it is committed to sustainable development by carrying out Hydraulic studies, Construction works and studies on the Environment, Land use Planning, Local and Agricultural Development.

Our guiding values within the Company are as follows :

1.Act with availability, honesty and uncompromising integrity in everything we do.

2. Satisfy our customers with quality delivery, superior service and a high sense of commitment and responsibility.

3.Valuing and developing the diverse talents, initiative and leadership of our internal members.

4.Share the resources collected between its members while guaranteeing the development of the Company.

5. Earn the admiration of all those associated with IBT in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

These values serve as the foundation of the IBT philosophy.

IBT Sarl

The International Building and Trade Company (IBT) is a Company operating in the sectors:

    • Building & Public works, Civil & Rural Engineering, Hydraulic (Studies and Works), Construction of Agricultural and Urban Hydraulic Works, Construction of Urban Drinking Water Supply and village water supply works, Water tower and pumping station, Electrical Network Extension, Installation of Electric Meters and Generators.
    • Environment, Natural Resource Management, Community Development, Local Development, Agricultural Development, (Study Advisory support and Training)
    • Land use planning, lowlands and other aquatic ecosystems, forest and wildlife inventories and participatory forest management, management of wildlife, transhumance and forest ecosystems, Development, monitoring, management and evaluation of plans, projects and programs development, Support for project management of development projects, Land use planning, urban development, etc.
  • Agriculture, Renewable energies, Transport Agricultural exploitation, training in agricultural technologies, Transport of goods, mineral materials, Promotion of renewable energy, etc...

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